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Removes iron stains and foul odors


You want your well water free of contaminants, like the rust that causes orange stains and the sulfur that leads to rotten egg odor. Iron Shield+ removes both by first oxidizing and sequestering these well water contaminants, then flushing them away. And we’re not satisfied with just removing the contaminants you can see. We took it a step further, giving Iron Shield+ the same level of toxin protection as our popular Toxin Shield line.

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  • Eliminates stains, discolored water and odors with the oxidative power of air
  • Guards pipes and plumbing fixtures against corrosive iron build-up
  • Clean Media Technology extends the life of the filtration media and prevents bacteria growth inside the tank

  • Safe for septic systems, plumbing and appliances
  • Uses only air and water in the regeneration cycle – no chemicals or salt
  • Removes iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide gas, tannins and many unregulated water toxins

  • Provides a steady supply of clean, fresh water with low maintenance
  • Protects bathing, showering and cooking water against common toxins that can be absorbed though the skin or inhaled in moist air


Reputation Reviews

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • For the last 8 years we have been using the Freije EasyWater No-Salt Conditioner system in our lake home. We have well water and the EasyWater system made a big difference in our water. There is no maintenance, no salt to buy – just install it and forget it!

    -Dianne D. | Rockford, MI   More testimonials »
  • I noticed a difference almost immediately with soaps lathering up.

    -Gary R. | Mason, NH   More testimonials »
  • We bought a system three months ago and I wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new Easy Water System. I was a little skeptical at first, but the system really works and I wanted to let you know.

    -Kenneth S. | Paige, TX   More testimonials »
  • We love our Easy Water No-Salt Conditioner! We have strongly recommended it to our entire family and every RVer we have met in the past couple of years. More importantly, we have received letters and calls of thanks from all those who took our advice. Thank you for making us look like stars!

    -Michael & Theresa W.   More testimonials »

We employ nature’s best



We chose a high-quality coconut fiber carbon rather than the petroleum-based industry standard. Enjoy bathing and showering in water that’s free of VOCs, disinfection byproducts, petroleum products, industrial contaminants, pesticides, and more.



Rust stains and foul odors are trapped and rinsed clean away, no chemicals or salt required. Instead, pure air oxidizes and solidifies iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide while they’re inside the treatment tank, allowing for easy removal before they can damage your home.



That’s what you’ll get with our iconic EasyWater No-Salt Water Conditioner. Traditional salt-using water softeners remove calcium and trace minerals, and replace them with sodium. The EasyWater No-Salt Conditioner uses a proprietary salt-free process to condition hard water, so your water is just that. Nothing added, nothing removed.

How It Works

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No more stains or sulfur odor and whole home toxin protection.


Add limescale protection for your plumbing and appliances.


Add the power of reverse osmosis at your drinking water faucet.

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