Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in Water?

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Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in Water?

In some cities, residents are turning up with unexplained antibiotic resistant infections.  Researchers have discovered that these infections may be caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria in the water supply.  Unfortunately, the problem only worsens at the water treatment plant.

Typically water treatment plants will use “good” bacteria to digest waste, as part of the treatment process. Antibiotic resistant bacteria enter the water supply due to the misuse of medications, agricultural chemicals or cleaning products, and they generally die off as part of the water treatment process. Unfortunately, the genetic material for these “bad” bacteria will mingle with that of the “good” bacteria, forming an entire resevoir of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in water.

While multi-stage filtration by water treatment plants will capture much of the antibiotic resistant genetic material, researchers have been able to detect enough of the harmful bacteria in water to warrant further research. In the meantime, if you’re concerned about the effects of antibiotic resistant bacteria in your water, you might want to install whole-home UV filtration like EasyWater Bacteria Shield. Bacteria Shield uses the natural power of UV light to deactivate bacteria, viruses, cysts and other dangerous pathogens.

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